Management of risk prevention for improving productivity

Published on: 09/11/2015

Prevention services make us a strategic collaborator for maintaining high-performance teams in Spanish companies

Together with the coverage of financial and health benefits, the current law recognises and stimulates the preventive work of mutual societies to advise companies on how to reduce the accident rate and occupational risk prevention

Services adapted to any company

Workers and member companies

The health care and management model of Mutua Universal allows the products and services to be adapted to companies of any size and activity sector right from the beginning with customised care and constant collaboration.

How can we contribute to the competitiveness and productivity of companies?

The impact of the economic crisis and the development of new technologies, among other factors, are causing a structural change in the Spanish business network. Companies of all dimensions and sectors require innovative, highly efficient solutions and to develop and maintain teams of high performance that contribute to promote their competitiveness.

To guarantee their continuity, these teams must be united, motivated and in good health, which is why risk prevention and flexible rehabilitation of the workers are becoming more and more significant.

Within the legal framework in force, we develop consulting programmes and activities, and technical and health care guidance so that member companies can carry out effective management with regard to preventing work-related accidents and occupational diseases.

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Published on: 13/01/2016

Our occupational risk prevention complies with current legislation and our corporate goals

  • Act 35/2014, of 26 December, modifies the revised text of the General Social Security Act in relation to the legal regime of the Social Security Mutual Societies for Work-related Injuries and Occupational Diseases.
  • Collaboration Regulations, article 13. Pending review in accordance with Act 35/2014.
  • Royal Decree 860/2018, of 13 July, through which preventive activities of the protective action of the Social Security Institute are regulated to carry out by collaborative mutual societies with the Social Security Institute.
  • The State Secretary's Office for the Social Security's Annual Resolutions, through which the preventive activities to be made are determined by Mutual Societies of Work-Related Accidents: Preventive activities plan (PAP).

The preventive activities have to comply with the following aspects

  • These are aimed at associated companies, their dependent workers and workers affiliated with Mutua Universal.
  • They do not generate subjective rights (i.e. subjects do not have the right to demand these activities be provided).
  • They will never substitute employers in fulfilling any obligations they have been assigned.

Preventive activities included in Act 35/2014

  • Social Security activities aimed at assisting associated companies, their dependent workers and affiliated workers in the control and, where applicable, reduction of work-related accidents and occupational diseases.
  • Advice-giving activities for associated companies and self-employed workers to help them adapt their job positions and structures to relocate injured workers or those with occupational diseases.
  • Social Security research, development and innovation activities to be undertaken directly by Mutual Societies, aimed at reducing labour contingencies.

Programmes of action included in the Preventive activities plan

In the resolutions issued by the Social Security Institute since 2012, several programmes have been established directed at:

  • Activities in small businesses
  • Activities in companies according to their accident rate indicators
  • Activities in companies with specific occupational diseases
  • Dissemination activities and disclosure of certain topics: Prevención25, coordination of business activities, etc.