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Published on: 03/08/2015

Our people drive our excellence

Intellectual capital is the driving force of our model. For this reason, we are determined to provide the necessary means to strengthen it through continuous training programmes aimed at professionals throughout Spain.

Published on: 16/09/2021

With a presence throughout Spain.

Our broad welfare centre network own, together with two hospitable Control areas in Madrid and Barcelona and two cenros intermutual, we allow having presence in all provinces of Spain, offering thus a close and direct treatment.

We provide health care and health management services throughout the country.

Published on: 16/09/2021

Innovation and talent

Our all-inclusive health model and customised is maintained in two pillars: 

  • A commitment to innovation that of the technology in implementing and developing product and services.
  • The Continuous training of human resources, both in terms of medical assistance and knowledge of the socio-economic reality of the country, and of the needs of companies.
Published on: 16/09/2021

Join our team

Published on: 16/09/2021

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