Data Protection Policy

Topics: Legislation
Published on: 25/05/2018

1. Introduction

The right to privacy, and specifically the right to the personal data protection, is one of the Mutual Society securities Universal-Mugenat, MCSS Number. 10 (hereinafter, Mutua Universal), which is found collected in our Code of Conduct.

The political objective of this is to explain him as a Mutua Universal will discuss those personal details that they can be collected via different forms that they can find in the Websites of Mutua Universal. Its personal details will be tried confidential way and only for those aims that you have consented, just as is explained below in the current document.

2. Commitment with the privacy

Mutua Universal is fully committed to the fulfillment of the regulations and the General Regulation of Data protection of the European Union and the regulations regarding the personal data protection currently in force.

For this reason, the Company has taken the determination of implementing following principles, being the privacy bases on it that which are set up all processing:

  • The transparency in the data processing is one of our priorities.
  • We will always discuss details that they are strictly necessary to carry out the informed processing.
  • Never him will compel to give personal details, unless really are necessary to provide him the service that where applicable requests us.
  • We will not share details with no third party, except for those suppliers that present us a service, or with anyone who, previously, have informed him and it has provided us its consent.

3. Aims of the processing

Mutua Universal obtains its personal details in order to be able to manage its applications and to offer him services that you can need. Specifically discuss its personal details with following aims:

a) To fulfill willing obligations in the Social Security Act.

b) To manage its assistance in the Mutual Society, as well as to manage any provision application that it requests us and carry out where applicable social benefit when it proceeds.

c) To offer him access to the confined spaces of our website (the record can demand the signature of a contract of responsible for data processing).

d) With regard to associated companies, to fulfill obligations contained in the association agreement

e) With regard to self-employed workers, to fulfill obligations contained in the document of adherence

f) To inform of any eventuality that is produced within the framework of the derivative provision of services.

g) Are useful grassroots of presentation in the event of a claim in virtue of the services object of the present agreement.

h) Being able to attend to its enquiries, questions or applications made via the service channels of attention or communication identified in every website and get in touch with You to solve them.

i) To improve our websites, services, products, and to offer a better service and content.

j) To manage the enrollment to training events requested by the interested party

Sometimes can be necessary its personal details' processing to fulfill legal obligations, or with regard to any contractual relationship that we prune to have with you

In the other suppositions, and provided that is opportune, him will request its consent to discuss its personal details

4. Shipment of communications

Mutua Universal, within the framework of its activity it can provide him record or subscription resources to news or information for associated companies and/or associated workers in virtue of the existing relationship. These resources will be always subjects to its consent to send them.

5. conservation Treatment duration and term

In Mutua Universal we have the commitment of discussing personal details while really are us utensils and we prune to offer him a quality Service through its operations. For this reason, will carry out all opportune and reasonable efforts to minimise the term of processing and conservation of personal details.

Following on from this, in every capture form of details him will inform of the prescribed period of processing and/or conservation of its personal data.

In any case, and although it requests us that delete its details, will be able to keep them and to maintain them, under the owed blockade, during the term necessary to comply with our legal obligations and for its offered Authorities with responsibility in the different applicable matters.

6. right and claim Exercise before the AEPD

We inform you that it can practice its access rights, rectification, suppression, limitation, opposition and/or portability addressing to the Delegate of Data protection (DPD) of Mutua Universal through email to or by mail to the following address: Av. Tibidabo, 17-19, (08022) Barcelona.

It has right to present a claim before the Spanish Data Protection Authority (AEPD), via its website:

7. Confidentiality and Security in the data processing

Its personal details are very significant for us, and we promise to discuss them with the maximum confidentiality and discretion, as well as to implement all security measures that we consider opportune and reasonable.

Following on from this, Mutua Universal declares and it guarantees that it has established all the technical means within your reach to avoid the loss, ill use, alteration, access not authorized and theft of details facilitated by the users.

8. Social networks

Social Networks are part of the day by day of many Internet users, and we have created different profiles for them of Mutua Universal in them.

All users have the opportunity of uniting to pages or groups that the Mutua Universal has in different social networks.

However it, he must take into account that, unless we request him its details directly, its details will belong to the corresponding Social Network, which is why him recommend that it reads carefully its conditions of use and privacy policies, as well as is ensured of shaping its preferences when it comes to the processing of the details.

9. International Transfers

As a general rule, discuss its details at the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEE). However, in case that we must provide them to suppliers of service that are found in Mutua Universal other countries guarantees that it will apply all measures and controls to protect its personal details' processing, such as:

a) Communication to countries that, despite not being part of the EU or the EEE, they have been considered by the European Commission such as countries that they have a regulations of data protection that guarantees a similar safety level to the applicable one in Europe.

b) Contract Clauses Type of the European Commission: The European regulator has planned that third parties countries do not have a regulations of similar data protection to the applicable one in Europe, which is why it has developed models of contract set aside for ensure that the companies of countries that they do not be part of the EU or the EEE comply with a similar level of protection. Mutua Universal will sign these contracts provided that there is not an alternative equivalent that guarantees its personal details' protection.

c) binding corporate Standards: They are standards that they approve companies and that they are revised and approved by Control authorities, and that they ensure that the company who provide its details fulfills, in any country, with a suitable level of protection.

d) Certifications: In certain cases, the company to that which provide details will be able to have Certifications of data protection that guarantee a correct use of its details in accordance with the current regulations.