Radon, an unknown risk

Published on: 07/09/2023

The radon is a radioactive gas generated in a natural way for the field that when ascending to the area enters the interior of the edifications, both housing and workplaces.

When being inhaled, the radon can generate lung cancer because of the radiation that it issues in its disintegration. The World Health Organization (WHO) it considers the second pulmonary cancer cause after the tobacco and the first pulmonary cancer cause in people non-smokers.

A recent report of the Ministry of Health Care “Mortality attributable to the exhibition to residential radon in Spain” it attributes to the gas radon the 3.8% of deaths for lung cancer in Spain.

The radon is found in nature according to geological characteristics of the field. The granitic subsoils they are those which more radon generate because are rich in uranium. Additionally is dissolved in the ground waters that they go for the subsoil.

Companies that can be exposed to the radon are those with:

  • Subterranean as mines activities, caves or tunnels.
  • Activities with ground water: embotelladoras, spas or termas.
  • And all the companies located at priority activity areas.