We foster social health

Published on: 28/12/2015
Published on: 19/02/2016

Commitment to people

In Mutua Universal, we promote actions and projects that aim to have a positive effect on both the people that form our Company as well as insured workers, self-employed workers and society as a whole.

In Mutua Universal, there is a strong commitment to people, and this is why actions aimed at improving the quality of life and the well-being of its employees in their work positions are carried out; promoting a healthy work environment, equal opportunities, training and helping to reconcile a good work and family/personal life balance.

  • Our commitment with the Equality of people is materialised through Plan of Equality of Mutua Universal and the Fee of Equality, as a platform of dialogue with the legal representatives of workers, and in the collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Social Services And Equality to move forward towards an elder and more balanced share of the women in the positions of responsibility of the companies.
  • Our commitment with the Conciliation is reasserted in Plan of Conciliation that, following the management model EFR (Family-Responsible Company), gathers a series of measures that promote the conciliation of employees of its work life and relative.
  • Our commitment with the Diversity is reasserted in the Statement of respect for the person and to its diversity and in the adherence to the Charter of Diversity, a project of European dimension that entails a voluntary commitment of the companies to support and to enact principles of the diversity's inclusion and the not-discrimination in the working environment.
  • Our commitment with the healthy working environment is reasserted in the Safety policy and health at work and in the adherence of Mutua Universal in the Statement of Luxembourg of the European Network of Health promotion in the Work. This commitment assumes the acceptance of some basic principles of action and a point of reference for good health management of workers in the company.

In Mutua Universal, we do not only promote actions to benefit people at internal level. We also recognise associated companies that are committed to promoting health and improving the quality of life of people and leadership in the development of work environments that are both safe and healthy.

We have created for this reason the Prizes Innovation and Mutua Universal Health (moreknow), with the object of distinguishing and awarding a prize the work of those companies highly committed to the health promotion and that they have carried out projects or stock innovators that represent an improvement in the quality of life and its workers' health, beyond the fulfillment of the standard of risk prevention at work.

Commitment to society

The best contribution of Mutua Universal to the society is made from the responsible value that has the activity that us is own, when promoting the occupational health and the prevention in our country, such as basic elements for the human development and promoting, therefore, the welfare state in the society. Examples of initiatives with a clear social value component are: 

  • Our Socio-professionalReintegration Programme, directed to the reorientation and social inclusion and work of the people that they have suffered a work-related injury or an illness that they they prevent following carrying out its work and groups at risk of social exclusion.
  • The Special Benefits Committee , that it manages the Budget of Social Welfare, studying and attending situations of special need through concrete actions aimed at to improve the protection of workers and/or its relatives.
  • The Programme Foresees, with the aim of reducing the accident rate in associated companies.

Mutua Universal goes beyond its work activity, creating programmes and stock that they promote to all the society, as the adherence to the initiative “Business for a Free Society of GenderViolenceof the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality. This commitment assumes support and involvement in awareness campaigns against gender violence.

In addition, from 2005, participate in the Global Pact of the United Nations , a commitment of 10 principles regarding employment rights, social, environmental and not corruption boosted by the United Nations so that companies and various organisations are involved in the sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility to worldwide level.

Social Action

In Mutua Universal we promote the share of employees in solidarity campaigns in favour of more disadvantaged groups of our society, collaborating with non-profit organisations. Additionally, we make donations of furniture, equipment and materials (amortised and having cancelled all registrations, to comply with applicable legislation) that can be used again. This procedure is framed in our DonationCircuit, with the aim of giving a second life to these materials, minimising the volume of residues that generates Mutua Universal and promoting to minority groups.

In addition have a Programme of Voluntary work Corporate, whose objective it is to promote a culture of collaboration and to sensitise to the staff on other groups' social requirements.