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Published on: 28/12/2015
Published on: 19/02/2016

Corporate good governance

At Mutua Universal, we promote values and projects that foster the Company's ethical and responsible conduct, good corporate governance and transparency.

For this reason we have implemented management systems for crime prevention, corporate risk and regulatory compliance to enable us to achieve our objectives and successfully implement the strategies of the Company. The foregoing are based on the following policies:

The Code of Conduct of Mutua Universal collects ethical values and principles with which commit to different interest groups and, general, with the society, as responsible company, committed to the quality provision of services and socially sustainable.

The Company has a Service channel of Entirety where employees can communicate any activity that can suppose a non-compliance of the Code of Conduct.

The Protocol of Conflict of Interests establishes bases of the procedures of activity that they should follow to prevent or, failing that, to discuss conflicts.

Mutua Universal offers interest groups the following contact form to communicate any fact related to these sections.


Stock to economic, environmental and social level that are made in Mutua Universal, are announced through annual Sustainability Reports, following orientations and principles of the Standards of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI Standards), in accordance with the Exhaustive»option «.

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