Socially responsible company

Published on: 21/09/2015
Socially responsible company
Published on: 19/02/2016

The best contribution of Mutua Universal to Society is the socially responsible value of the Company's activities in the promotion of occupational health and prevention in Spain, as basic elements for human development and the establishment of a state of well-being in society.

In Mutua Universal understand the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) from a comprehensive perspective, that it includes to all the Company and it leans on the service that we give in the field of the health and the promotion of the Prevention. The responsibility of Mutua Universal is reflected in its corporate securities, not existing separation between strategies and operations and policies as a company socially responsible.

The commitment and mission of Mutua Universal's CSR is to promote socially responsible conduct by the company through the fulfilment of its objectives of ensuring the health of its members, as well as excellence in its services. This is achieved by means of ethical conduct and efficiency in its processes, based on best practices, innovation and transparency with its interest groups: member companies, insured workers, collaborators, employees, suppliers, public administrations, social partners, society and the environment, as the company's main strategic audiences.

Long-term commitment

Mutua Universal commits to the CSR via the definition of a new CSR Management Plan that collects stock and projects that they will be carried out in the Company in the next few years to respond to its Interest groups' expectations. Our commitment is translated in doing of Mutua Universal a Healthy Company to social, business and environmental level.