Musculoskeletal health

Published on: 13/08/2020

Our bones, joints, muscles and soft tissues that they accompany them form our musculo-skeletal system. Its state determines our mobility and our force.

Take care of the musculo-skeletal system is fundamental to minimise possible alterations in our bodily structures, to avoid pain in muscles, tendons and joints, as well as to maintain a complete welfare state physique, mental and social.

General, the physical activity stimulates the system músculoesquelético, since when getting around it strengthen and him give flexibility, above all to soft tissues that they nourish to joints. However, a heavy use, excessive and continuing, without the time that needs to recover and autoregenerate, can end damaging our system and to trigger musculoskeletal injuries or disorders (TME).

Health problems for musculoskeletal disorders vary. From slight nuisances and pains, until graver illnesses that require medical treatment. In the chronic cases these disorders can cause some limitation and to impede that the concerned individual maintains a good quality of life.

In this section you will find information, instruments and resources to identify and to prevent the exhibition to risk factors that cause musculoskeletal disorders. Additionally will know legislative latest innovations in this regard and you will learn habits of work in order to be able to prevent musculoskeletal disorders from all fields. In addition, will know what are the exoesqueletos, one of the last technologies that has arrived at companies, with its myths, legends and certainties.