The value of the ergonomics

Published on: 13/08/2020

The prevention of musculoskeletal disorders is directly linked to a correct design of working space and workstation the use of quality tools and optimised work techniques, an appropriate maintenance of spaces and tools and a good work organisation.

The objective of a good design is to create activities that allow workers to carry out their work with high productivity and quality, develop their capacities and enjoy a high degree of well-being (UNE EN 614-2).

Did you know?

  • The cost of changing the equipment and installations to adapt them ergonomically is more than a thousand times higher than the cost in the design phase.
  • The costs associated to most ergonomic improvements are amortised before six months.
  • The selection of appropriate tools can help reduce musculoskeletal disorders by almost 100%.

Do you need help designing or redesigning your installation?
Ergonomic workstation design COURSE. The 10 principles.

Published on: 13/08/2020
  1. Know the product, tasks and means.
  2. Know the worker.
  3. Define the general working posture.
  4. Select the working height.
  5. Establish areas of manual scope.
  6. Determine the areas of vision.
  7. Facilitate neutral postures.
  8. Ease handling of loads.
  9. Reduce the effort.
  10. Lessen repetitive tasks.