General Meeting

Published on: 21/10/2015

The General Committee is the highest body of government of the Company and it is composed of a representation of all those associated and partners. Its composition, responsibilities and procedures are established in articles 26 to 34 of Mutua Universal's current Articles of Association. 

Who makes up the General Assembly?

The General Committee is composed of all those associated and partners. Similarly, is part of the General Committee a person of the representantación of the people workers at the service of the company.

Library picture of a General Committee of Mutua Universal

Who has voting rights?

They have voting right the set of partners and partners that are up to date in the course of its social obligations.

Can I delegate my vote?

If as a partner or partner can not attend the General Committee, can delegate its representation and vote in writing in favour of another partner or associated with Mutua Universal through the duly signed and sealed form personally, for its person representative or for a person authorised representative with to be able to enough. All delegation in which expressly the associated person or the associated person is not indicated in who the representation is delegated, will be understood conferred in favour of the Presidency of the Board Of directors or of the person of the designated joint for this purpose.

Vote delegation process

If is associated or associated with Mutua Universal and aware of its social obligations is found, can delegate the vote via our onlinesoftware environment. 

For more information on the General Assembly

Before any doubt in this regard can communicate with its usual contact of Mutua Universal.

It delegates your vote for the General Committee 2024