What to do to decrease the anxiety?

Published on: 03/05/2019

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1-Relajarse breathing

Take conscience of how breathe can have beneficial effects or healthy. The lack of control on some situations in which the person feels anxiety and anguish can be palliated through techniques learnt from control on the respiratory rate that help to go down the level of activation. Many relaxation techniques, bodily or meditation conscience are based on to take conscience of the breathing. 

Other techniques as the aromaterapia, that it consists of the inhalation of the steams given off by the warming of the fragrant essence, have the intention of achieving an effect in the mood and the health of the person. 

2-Hacer exercise

The performance of the physical exercise contributes to improve the physical way condition significant, which assistance to maintain a good reaction a skills the potentially aggressive or harmful stimulus. In addition, the good physical condition has beneficial psychological effects, since it allows improving the mood, decreases the depression and it raises the vigor and the self-esteem. Following on from this, the practice of exercise promotes the emotional state positive, which it increases the psychological well-being.

3-Contar with a support network

Before situations in which emerge emotions as the fear, the sadness, the blame, the rage or the anguish, the fact of having a close network of people assistance to exceed stressful situations. Discover close people that help to feel realised, but not court, allows stating emotions, to express thoughts and plans and to receive assistance emotional physics and support. Receive a good relatives support network or friends assistance to not to fall in the isolation and in the negative thought and assistance to use strategies of coping that strengthen the psychological well-being.

4-Fomentar the expression

Although at first seems beneficial that a person turns to the expression of emotions, not positive is always considered. The person, via the expression of emotions as the sadness, the rage or the blame, can anchor in the repetitive demonstration of the same and to hinder thus a new vision of the situation and a more positive evaluation of the same that it contributes to a more effective management of resources and that it promotes a better reduction social and the absence of isolation.