Orphan's benefit

Published on: 23/11/2015

1. Beneficiaries

Each of the children of the deceased, irrespective of the nature or kinship

Starting from 2 August 2011:

  • People under 21 years old or disabled for the work in a degree of I.P.A or G.I.
  • People over 21 years of age provided that they do not work or receive an annual income below the annual minimum salary. They will be paid until they reach 25 years of age

2. Provision

Amount of the pension:  20% of the regulatory base.

In cases of absoluteorphanhood, the orphan's benefits will be increased in accordance with the terms and conditions of Royal Decree 296/2006 of 6 March, which added a new Article 38 to Decree 3158/1966, of 23 December (General Regulation that determines the amount of the Social Security general scheme's cash benefits)

In cases of violence of gender, when the progenitor survivor would have lost the condition of payee of the widow's pension, the orphan will have right to the increments planned for cases of absolute orphanhood.

Similarly, an orphan of only one known progenitor is considered to be an absolute orphan.

Lump-sum compensation for a work-related injury or occupational disease. In the event of professional work-related injury or illness, is granted in addition to the pension, a lump sum indemnity equivalent to 1 monthly payment of the benefits base.

3. Termination

  • When the person reaches 21 years of age (except when at this time they suffer API or SD) or, where applicable, the new age limits referred to in the beneficiaries section.
  • Upon marriage or constituting an unmarried partnership, except when they suffer API or SD
  • For stopping the disability that gave him the right to the pension.                     
  • Due to death.
  • For checking that it did not pass away the disappeared hard-working person by chance.