Online Clinic

Published on: 10/02/2016

The Online Clinic is a telemedicine system implemented in all our centres, with an objective of guaranteeing access to the specialised and hospital medicine of all our partners regardless of the physical location of the patient.

It expedites diagnosis and reduces queuing times, which improves the quality of life of the patient and their family, and increases the effectiveness of our organisation.

The Online Clinic, the healthcare model of the future

The Online Clinic is an advanced telemedicine system that allows our healthcare workers to carry out medical care, both simultaneously and in a pre-recorded way, thanks to the interconnection of all our healthcare centres and the 2 areas of hospital control via a proprietary fibre-optic network, guaranteeing the highest levels of security when transmitting medical details.

  • The patient receives real-time, reliable and totally accurate customised medical care provided by the most suitable specialists that give remote medical support.
  • It allows any healthcare worker, no matter where they are located, to consult, receive support and advice on any illness, diagnosis or treatment.
  • It contains the electronic medical history of each patient, including digital x-rays and diagnostic tests, which allows the information to be consulted quickly, efficiently and easily.
  • It is an online nucleus of medical knowledge so that our healthcare professionals are perfectly competent and advised.
  • It is an exclusive new concept that guarantees territorial equity and high-quality health care, without delays or waiting lists.

Real-time visit and remote diagnosis

The Online Clinic strengthens our position on service, proximity, excellence and innovation, and enables us to apply a comprehensive healthcare plan managed by the doctor of your choice but iwth the constant support of a specialist. This enables us to guarantee:

  • Contrasted diagnosis, facilitating the exchange of views between specialists and the primary care doctor.
  • Maximum immediacy, with easy, fast, real-time access to the best specialists from any physical location.
  • Maximum healthcare quality, without the need to travel to a healthcare centre, thereby facilitating the personal and family life of our patients.

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