Online clinic Company

Published on: 12/03/2018

Online clinic is a system of registrations telemedicine provisions, exclusive of Mutua Universal that, in a clear commitment for the innovation at the service of the health and well-being of our protected town, spread tambíen to our associated companies.

Clinic Online Company is a pioneering service that it contributes to improve the competitiveness of companies, since it has repercussions in the occupational health and it reduces displacements and procedures office workers.

A welfare model that power the Service of Health surveillance (SVS)

  • An optimum system for mutual society member.
  • A consolidated model and of proven success: more than 35,000 enquiries from its implementation in 2011.
  • A methodology of easy implementation in different centres of the SVS.
  • Minimum investment.
  • Time and cost saving.
  • Within the strictest fulfillment of the legal standard.

Online clinic universalises the welfare service for companies

Online clinic Company allows connecting the Service of Health surveillance (SVS) of the associated company with the professional staff of Mutua Universal that is found in the help centres and hospitable control areas. In this way, the person insured worker is looked after without the need for to go out of its own company.

  • General practice or nursing performance of the SVS of the company with Mutua Universal.
  • Possibility of sharing the clinical information without cases displacements and assessment through enquiries SVS / Mutua Universal.
  • Possibility of carrying out the first worker visit or worker in Mutua Universal's centres, together with the SVS.

Practical and relevant innovation for companies and people workers

  • Real-time interaction between the Service of Health surveillance (SVS) and the medical team of Mutua Universal.
  • In the event of accident, immediate enquiry for initial assessment patient.
  • Share medical tests (reports, x-rays, images, etc.) in the previous suppositions.
  • Offer online medical prescriptions.
  • The hard-working person receives a comprehensive treatment in the first visit: diagnosis, reports, medication.
  • Time saving and procedure elimination office workers: is found where is found, the person obtains the initial diagnosis of our chart of specialists in a fast way and efficient, avoiding unnecessary and absences displacements.
  • Professional connection between of the SVS and consultants and consultaoras for general pathology discussion.
  • Minimum investment for a saving of time and costs short-term, with return of the investment.
  • System that it fulfills strictly the legal standard.
  • Consolidated welfare model and of proven success, with an effective methodology of easy implementation in the centres of the company.
  • Management System that it contributes to improve the competitiveness of the company: improvement the occupational health and it reduces the administrative procedures.

All of this, supposes a saving in times of displacement and welfare, in a sure way, easy and confidential.

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