Biological risks

Published on: 28/01/2020

The biological risk is the risk that is produced in activities whose characteristics provide the exhibition or the contact of hard-working people with biological agents. 

The biological agents are legislated by the Royal Decree 664/1997 of 12 May, on the protection of hard-working people against the risks related to the exposure to biological agents during the work.

The Royal Decree classifies biological agents attending to the risk of infection in four groups, establishing preventive measures according to its level.

Control measures also are according to that there is a deliberate intention of manipulating biological agents, for example in laboratories, or of that deliberate intention of manipulating is not had but the exhibition is produced, such as in the healthcare activities. The National Health and Safety at work Institute has elaborated a technical guide to help to the application of the Royal Decree 664/1997.

Biological agents are dispersed and they transmit via the air for bioair sprays, for pollution of areas, tools or objects and/or via the contact with other living beings that they act of vectors or reservoirs.