PrevenCAREX: prevention of exposure to carcinogens

Published on: 01/02/2017

According to the European Commission, cancer is the leading cause of occupational death in the European Union, accounting for 53% of the total, compared to 28% caused by cardiovascular diseases and 6% by respiratory diseases. It is the individual major risk for the hard-working human health in the EU.

The European Commission has identified more than 20 chemical substances that can cause cancer in the workplaces and around 20 million hard-working people are exposed to these substances. So far, the European directive on carcinogens and mutagens it has been modified three times, and 19 substances already have limit value of environmental exposure.

The National Health and Safety at work Institute (INSST) initiates the campaign “Avoid today the work cancer of tomorrow". This campaign will take place between on 24 January and on 13 February 2022. 

In this section you will find information, instruments and resources to identify and to prevent the exhibition to carcinogenic agents. Additionally will find legislative latest innovations on the topic and a section on healthy habits in order to be able to prevent from all fields.