Carcinogenic and REACH

Published on: 01/02/2017

The regulations REACH bets for the prevention of the exhibition to carcinogenic agents. The use of classified substances as carcinogenic will be gradually subjected to authorisation and restriction. The best means of prevention is its substitution.

Published on: 27/12/2018

The REACH regulations it is the great frame for all the chemical substances in Europe, dangerous or not. REACH it establishes the record of the substances and its uses, its evaluation, authorisation and/or restriction.

According to its dangerousness, its use can require authorisation, be restricted or even forbidden completely.  

The background information and the main requirements with regard to health and safety regarding the use of chemical agents must communicate to the companies via the notes of safety data (FDS). The FDS are one of the information sources more significant on chemicals. Suppliers must provide to the people employers the information that need to carry out risk assessments, to inform and to instruct to the hard-working people and to adopt proper measures to mitigate risks.

For more information or doubts on substances, REACH, CLP or Biocides to consult the THROWS (European Agency of chemicals):