Published on: 18/09/2017

1. Occupational disease

Will be understood for occupational disease the contracted as a result of the executed work as an employee in the activities that are specified in the official chart of occupational diseases and that is provoked for the stock of the elements or substances that in the above-mentioned chart are indicated for every occupational disease.

2. Integration of the prevention

It consists of to take into account the Risk Prevention at Work in all activities and decisions that they are carried out in the company.

3. Delegate of Prevention

Delegates of Prevention are the representatives of workers with specific functions with regard to risk prevention at work.

4. Preventive resources

They are one or more designated persons or assigned by the company, with suitable training and skills, that it has necessary means and resources, and are enough in number to watch the fulfillment of the preventive activities that thus they require it.

Its presence will be compulsory when risks can is aggravated or modified in the course of the process or the activity, for the confluence of operations various that they take place successive or simultaneously and that they do precise the control of the correct application of work methods; when activities or processes are made that in accordance with the regulations are considered as dangerous or with extra risks; when the need of this presence is required by the Work and Social security Inspectorate.

They can be preventive resources:

  • One or more designated workers of the company (one of the organisational models of the prevention to that which adverts the article 30 of the LPRL).
  • One or more members of the Internal prevention Service of the company. › One or more members of the or External prevention Services private by the company.
  • Assigned workers (workers of the company, that they do not be part of the internal prevention service nor are hard-working designated).

They must have the corresponding preventive training, at least to functions of the basic level, supplemented with specific theoric and practical training on the works, standards, risks and preventive measures to be applied in the activities to watch that motivate its presence.

5. Employee Injury Prevention Service

External prevention Services are companies specialised that assume and develop contracted preventive activities and its corresponding documents. In addition, they must advise us in all the aspects related to the management and integration of the Prevention in the company.

6. Visits of security

The visit of security is an assay technique of security that it consists of the direct remark of the facilities, teams and works to identify existing dangers and to assess risks in the positions of work.