Advice for the management of teams during the crisis situation brought about by the COVID-19
Towards a healthy leadership

Published on: 16/04/2020

We are living a radical change in the work organisations as a result of the crisis brought about by the new one coronavirus. people and teams must adapt us to a situation as well as we build it. And it it has doing without losing of view the sustainability of organisations.

Via the management of this crisis, lines of command of the companies have an excellent opportunity to promote a preventive culture and to promote a healthy organisation

This unprecedented stage generates the need of taking decisions and to solve problems in an agile way and efficient.

People with responsibility on teams are, at this time, the main link among people workers and company, in a context in which the cooperation is even more essential. Therefore, the people responsible for teams face challenge of worrying and to see about relational and emotionalaspects, being aware of the effect in the performance and in the involvement of all, both in the current situation and for the requirements futures.

Published on: 16/04/2020

What is happening in our teams?

  • Nos are adapting quickly a new way from to work of personal and group big impact.
  • Nos worries to know to prioritise and correctly move and on time information, instructions and procedures new that a so unpredictable situation as this us brand every day.
  • They change communication channels and information sources, all of this in a situation very convulsa and dynamic. The everyday thing now is not: the face-to-face, the surrounding area, a coffee, direct exchanges of information, etc.
  • Need to generate cooperation in the distance and link in a completely virtual environment.

What can we do?

  • Now more than is never significant your support as a performance benchmark: it generates confidence, transmits calm and security.
  • I know flexible, is moment of trusting in the involvement, commitment and performance of your collaborators.
  • It trusts and lean on your team, consult them, listen them, promotes the initiative. Your team is your better pillar.
  • Mantenles a day of the necessary information on this situation, but without generating insecurity.
  • It carries out the contacts necessary to inform, to organise and to solve doubts that entails the situation.
  • Speaking regularly with every person of your team: it establishes this practice as a habit.
  • It checks that they have necessary resources , shows availability and assistance to solve incidences that you can present.
  • Empatiza, interest you for your team: how sit down, what difficulties have and how can help them.
  • It carries out meetings or it generates virtual spaces to work and share as a team. It promotes positive and relationships interactions efficient to work in an efficient way.
  • It recognises the work well done, promotes the initiative and the share and exchange of ideas.
  • When to take decisions, that the maelstrom does not take you: for a moment to breathe, ponders, reevalúa and it follows.
  • Avoids endless meeting. It rests, to carry out small pauses you will help to recover energy.
  • You must take care you: do physical exercise, feed you good and it secures to rest. Looks for a moment of the day for you, to express your emotions and relax.
  • With optimism to all us will go better, the emotion is passed on. Nos allows seeing with more spaciousness in adverse situations and to transform them in opportunities.

Take into account that, if this change us teaches to work with other abilities, these “they will stay with you” when we exceed this situation. Experts in neuroscience ensure that in these contexts new opportunities are opened that they do to our more flexible brain and open to the change; the celebrity plasticity. We make good use of the situation!

Recuerda that your team's work these days, contributes to face with more force this situation.

“It leads the moment to build a better life”.