Review of the provisional resolutions of extraordinary benefits for cessation of activity for Covid-19, according to Royal Decree-Law 8/2020

Published on: 29/09/2023

During the pandemic, the extraordinary benefit for cessation of activity was implemented, regulated by Article 17 of Royal Decree-Law 8/2020 of 17 March, for those affected by the declaration of the state of alarm to manage the health crisis caused by Covid-19 so that those self-employed workers who had to suspend their activity due to the extraordinary measures taken to combat the pandemic, or whose income was severely affected, could receive assistance to alleviate the situation. This measure went subsequently extended or widespread in successive decrees.

The article 17.9 of the aforementioned Actual decree-law collects that managing entities, in accordance with the presented application and documents where applicable contributed, dictated the coming from provisional resolution, estimating or rejecting the right Once completed the period of validity was owed to proceed to the review of all adopted provisional resolutions and in those suppositions in which it is given off that do not have right to the provision, to initiate procedures of claim of the unduly perceived amounts.

For this reason, at this time, has been initiated the process of review of these provisions, analysing the contributed documentation and contrasted with the information provided by the Directorate General of Ordainment of the Social Security Institute, based on the details of the General Treasury of the Social Security (TGSS) and of the National Institute of Social Security Institute (INSS).

Mutua Universal is proceeding to notify to freelance all the people to those which recognised them to him provisionally the provision, if is recognised the definite granting of the provision or if it exists some incidence to be corrected, initiating the procedure of audience.

If a self-employed person receives a notification to correct of the documentation, he must access the set up online form:

To initiate the procedure of subsanación, are necessary the GO of subsanación (placed at the upper part of the notification) and the number of identity document.

In the notification is specified, as well as, the reason why the provision has been revised and the indicendias that have been detected with regard to the fulfillment of the requirements legally established or to the credited amounts. The notification informs of the opening of the procedure of audience, having a term of 15 business days to present the documentation indicated in every section and being able to formulate allegations and justifications that they consider opportune (it is remembered that are not taken into account on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays for the computation of days).

If the recipient wishes to waive this hearing procedure, or if no documents or evidence have been presented within 15 business days, a final decision will be made, either issuing or rejecting the benefit on a definitive basis. If the benefit is deemed to have been received unduly, the associated amounts received will have to be repaid.