Work-Related Accident and Occupational Disease

Published on: 20/01/2016

The coverage of the risk of Occupational Contingencies is voluntary, except for certain self-employed workers groups, such as:

  • Economically dependent workers (TRADE)
  • Workers that carry out activities with a high risk of accidents.

It is necessary to have an agreement with a Mutual Society that collaborates with the Social Security Institute

  • Health and financial benefit for Temporary Disability due to a Work-Related Accident or Occupational Disease: Starting from the day following medical leave, the worker wil receive 75% of its RB.
  • Permanent Disability (Total, Absolute, Severe Disability): The mutual society capitalises the benefit and submits it to the Social Security Institute that will pay it to the beneficiaries.
  • Non-disabling permanent injuries and Partial Permanent Disability: Direct payment to the beneficiary of the corresponding compensation.
  • Benefits for death and survivorship: death assistance, widowhood, orphanhood…