Benefit for temporary disability

Published on: 29/09/2015

The legislation determines that a work-related injury is all bodily injury that the hard-working person suffers on the occasion of or as a result of the work.

What situation protects this benefit?

For an accident to be considered as such, the following is necessary:

  • That the hard-working person suffers a bodily injury. An injury is any bodily damage or harm caused by a wound, blow or illness. Bodily injury includes mental and psychological illnesses and long-term damage.
  • That the accident is during or as a result of work, that is, that there is a direct causal link between work - injury. The injury does not constitute, on its own, a work-related accident.
  • That the hard-working person is as an employee or self-employed worker on a self-employed basis.

Nature of the economic benefit

The hard-working person that suffers a professional work-related injury or illness that it causes a process of temporary disability will have right to the charge of a daily amount equivalent to 75% of its benefits base from the next day to the one of the cancellation.

The maximum duration of this provision is 365 days, being able to extend others 180 days more when the healing of the person is planned worker in this period.