I want to present my application of the Bonus 2018

In April the period is initiated so that associated companies can present the applications of the incentives contemplated by the Royal Decree 231/2017 (BONUS) for the period of remark 2018 and previous years, that it will finish on 31 May.

If it is the first time that you are going to request the Bonus should know that:

It is an incentive scheme for companies that they have contributed effectively, with quantifiable investments to the reduction of the work accident rate and they have made effective activities in the prevention of work-related injuries and occupational diseases, just as it regulates the Royal Decree 231/2017de 10 March and the Order ESS/256/2018 of 12 March, published in the BOE of 24 March 2017 and of 17 March 2018 respectively.

You will find all the information that you can need in: