Mutua Universal in figures

Published on: 18/02/2016
Mutua Universal in figures

Knows in this video the principals magnitudes that they define to Mutua Universal, as well as all outstanding landmarks and details of the management of the updated Company at the close of the exercise corresponding to 2018.

During this period Mutua Universal has obtained some income for social contributions of 1,076 million euros, with an increase of 9.72% with respect to 2017. The positive result to be distributed ascends to 44 million euros.

The figure of insured workers and associated is placed at 1,464,701, 5.2% more than in 2017, and the number of associated companies is 165,678, with a rise of 3.4% in connection with the previous year.

Centres of assistance of Mutua Universal have received 1.2 million visits and 592,555 sessions have been made of rehabilitation (+4.7%).