Barcelona Balmes

Published on: 29/11/2017

Barcelona (Balmes, 17-19)

In 1924, Mutua Universal moved its company headquarters of Rambla Catalonia no. 32 to a new emblematic building at the Calle Balmes, 17-19.

The building, of style monometalista eclectic with Nordic influences, squatter a plot of 1,133 square metre. Of major monumentalidad combines the stone with the seen brick. Its privileged location him gives a major visibility. Of its composition emphasise the four angular towers, with coronamiento troncocónico of blackboard. The mansardas of the top level are a subsequent add-on. It is a high-value patrimonial building since it is registered in the Catalogue of Architectural Heritage of the city of Barcelona.

It was built by the architect Francisco de Paula Villar Carmona in the years 1894 – 1896 commissioned by the Company Gas Lebon that it wanted to turn it in its company headquarters in Barcelona.

Gas Lebon was a french firm that achieved the granting for the starting up in 1841 of the network of street lighting in Barcelona, the first one of Spain. Gas Lebon out of the first network of street lighting of gas in Spain, in Barcelona, with own factories and distribution systems.

Façade of the building of Mutua Universal on Balmes street de BarcelonaSide photo of the Mutua Universal building on Calle BalmesMutua Universal's building on Balmes street at nightHistoric photo of the building of Mutua Universal on Balmes street