Certifications and policies of a centennial company

Published on: 21/09/2015
Knows quality certifications and policies of Mutua Universal
Published on: 19/02/2016

Management, quality and efficiency certifications

Mutua Universal has obtained the certification of the Comprehensive Management system (SGI) on the basis of ISO 9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 for the certification company BUREAU VERITAS.

The ISO standard 45001 substitutes to the already obtained previously OHSAS 18001, and is the international standard in risk prevention at work of highest degree. The new standard specifies the requirements to ensure that a rigorous health and safety policy is in place, by decreasing work-related risks and promoting the health and safety of employees.

The implementation and maintenance of the new Management System strengthens certain aspects with respect to its predecessor OHSAS:

  • The high-level structure is shared, which provides the integration with the systems ISO 9001:2015 and the ISO 14001:2015 giving a more efficient management and less bureaucratised.
  • Developmental importance of the context, as well as of the leadership and commitment of the Senior Executive.
  • Is emphasised at the consulting office and share of the people workers.
  • Commitment for risk management more effective, in which both the risks and the opportunities are considered.
  • It promotes the preventive culture in the organisations, at all levels and hierarchies.
  • It gives great value and security of the concerned parties.

The acquisition of the ISO certification 45001 is a step more towards the excellence and sustainability of our Company and it supposes an examination to the effort undertaken for the address, the internal prevention service, quality and environment and all the staff of professionals throughout all these years.

This way, Mutua Universal obtains a superior certification, whose extent covers all the organisation including its work centres and hard-working people distributed all over the country.

ISO 9001 - Primary Care and Hospitable, and Health and Financial Assistance Social Work

Mutua Universal maintains its commitment with the provision of an individual service to principles of the effectiveness and quality obtaining one more year the renewal of the stamp of Quality ISO 9001:2015 for the Primary Care and Hospitable, Health Social Work and Financial Assistance. 

UNE 16880 – First certified company of Spain in excellence in the service

Mutua Universal is the first certified company in Spain with this standard that proves the provision of an optimum service to its associated companies. This certification aims to design and implement improvements in service, to create exceptional customer/user experiences and to exceed the expectations created. Via a journey map take place the points of contact of patients with the welfare and administrative provisions and its experience is analysed in different services received.

With this certification, Mutua Universal puts in value its excellence vocation to offer the best service and the great assitance quality to its associated company. 

ISO 14001 - System of Environmental Management

Mutua Universal initiated in 2006 the implementation and certification of the Environmental management System, in its nationwide facilities in a progressive way. Currently has 129 certified centres according to UNE-EN-ISO STANDARD 14001:2015. 

Certification " IURISCERT" - Management System for the prevention of criminal offences

Mutua Universal obtained in 2017 the accreditation of the system of management for the prevention of criminal offences on the basis of collected technical specifications in the model 'IURISCERT' for the certification one AENOR with the main goal of preventing the fee of criminal offences and to reduce the penal risk in the Company, promoting an ethical culture and of fulfillment of the Act. As well as to respond with that established in the article 31 bis of the Spanish Penal Code and with indicated recommendations in the Circular 1/2016 of the Public prosecutor General of the State that him are of application.

Certification Bequal

Mutua Universal has obtained the Stamp Bequal, granted by the Fundación Bequal, that it certifies business policies that promote the inclusion of people with disabilities. It distinguishes to the companies socially responsible with the disability, offering a tool to the organisations to integrate policies on disability in all the areas of the company.

Published on: 19/02/2016


Design and application of our own policies with regard to quality, health and safety in the workplace, risk management and respect for equality, among others.

Corporate and Sustainability social responsibility Policy

Mutua Universal via the signature of this policy strengthens the commitment of the Company with the Corporate Social Responsibility and the Sustainability and us drives to improve as a Company in a more efficient and sustainable day-to-day running, low transparency criteria, ethics, commitment, innovation and excellence.  

Comprehensive policy Quality, Health and Safety at work and Environmental

 With the signature of this document, Mutua Universal promises to:

-Provide a primal healthcare, hospitable and rehabilitative and to manage its financial assistance and social of efficient all-inclusive way and sustainable. Promoting the innovation and the constant improvement in both activities.
- Promote a proactive attitude towards the health and safety in the Company, to give an atmosphere of sure work and healthy to lla staff and interest groups.
-Promote that all the initiatives and developed actions by the Company promote the preservation of the environment, through the raising awareness of the respect for's importance the environment and the prevention of pollution.

Statement of respect for the person and their diversity

It states the commitment made by Mutua Universal with respect to equality among all people and the importance of non-discrimination, as well as the commitment to establishing and developing policies that integrate the equality of treatment and opportunities between men and women, without directly or indirectly discriminating because of gender.

Information Security Policy 

With the aim of preserving the confidentiality of information and to guarantee its availability and integrity, its aim is to create a stable framework and to serve as a basis for the development of an Information Security Management System in our Company.  

Risk Management Policy

The object of this policy is to establish the conceptual framework of action for the control and management of risks of any nature that may affect the Company. The corporate risk map is updated annually according to the evolution of the primary indexes and conditions of the environment.

Regulatory Compliance Policy 

The Compliance Policy sets out the commitment of the company's governing bodies to provide the necessary resources to support the process of compliance management. It is the responsibility of all members of Mutua Universal to know the processes, procedures, controls and other activities that have been developed and implemented to comply with the legal and voluntary obligations.

Crime Prevention Policy

It has for objective to broadcast to the staff of Mutua Universal, as well as to individuals, companies and organisations that are related with this company, a rotund message from opposition to the fee of any conduct or illicit act penintentiary or of any other type that it can go against the ethics and of securities that sutentan Mutua Universal, as well as the steady willpower of fighting and preventing these illicit acts in its breast.

Mutua Universal assumes the commitment of vigilance and sanction of conducts or acts that they can produce in its field and the mechanisms creation and maintenance effective of all the people communication and raising awareness that they integrate Mutua Universal, developing a business culture ethics and honest, with a strict fulfillment of the legality in force in the development of the function that it has been him entrusted as a Collaborating Body with the Social Security Institute.