Benefit for risk in pregnancy

Published on: 29/09/2015

This provision has as an aim to protect to the pregnant worker of a risk situation, when it does not result technique or objectively possible the change to another compatible work position or activity with its state.

The grant will be considered according to the type of risk and the week of gestation of the worker.

Mutua Universal will authorise that the contract is suspended/activity ended, and the benefit will start on that same day and finish on the day prior to childbirth.

We recognise the grant for risk during pregnancy as a provision derived from occupational contingency , in compliance with the Royal Decree 295/2009 of 6 March.

What situation protects this benefit?

When there are agents, procedures or working conditions in their work position that may influence negatively on their health or on the health of the foetus.

They are payees of this provision employees or own and that are found in contract suspension situation and registered in any Regime of the Social Security Institute.

Payees must fulfill demandedrequirements :

  • Be members and registered.
  • Be up to date in the payment of fees, in the case of workers who are responsible for the payments.
  • Not being in leave for temporary disability.

A situation is not covered when the pathology suffered by the worker is not related to the work position, and in this case it may be covered by Non Work-Related Contingencies.

Nature of the Financial Benefit

The management and the payment corresponding to the Managing entity or collaborator by direct payment. The amount of the benefit will be equivalent to 100% of the regulatory base of Professional Contingencies, and there is no waiting period to have the right to this benefit.

The duration of the benefit will only be limited by the existence of the risk, which is why it starts on the day that the contract is suspended/activity ended and will finish on the day prior to childbirth (start of maternity leave under the responsibility of the National Social Security Institute, INSS).

Both the worker and the company are obliged to notify Mutua Universal of any circumstance that involves the suspension or right to the benefit:

  • Suspension of the employment contract for maternity (birth of the baby).
  • Return of the working woman to her previous work position or to another position compatible with her condition.
  • Termination of pregnancy.
  • Death of the beneficiary.
  • Termination of work contract (change to situation of unemployment).
  • End of call in permanent seasonal contracts.
  • When there is a cancellation in the Special Regime of the Social Security Institute.

How is this benefit processed?