Subsidy for risk during breastfeeding

Published on: 02/11/2015

Mutua Universal in compliance with the Royal Decree 295/2009, of 6 March, recognises the grant for risk during the breastfeeding as a provision derived from occupational contingency.

The nature of the benefit is to protect the worker from a situation of risk in those cases where it is not technically or objectively possible to change the work position or activity for another one that is compatible with her condition.

What situation protects this benefit?

It is when the worker is in a work position where there are agents, procedures or working conditions that could negatively affect the health of the worker or of the breastfed baby.

The beneficiaries of this benefit are employees or self-employed workers that have had their contract suspended and are registered in any regime of the Social Security Institute. Beneficials must fulfil the conditions required:

  • Be members and registered.
  • Be up to date in the payment of fees, in the case of workers who are responsible for the payments.

Risks that affect breastfeeding are different to those that can affect pregnancy. They usually consist of the risk of contact with chemicals, such as mercury, cadmium, manganese, etc.

Nature of the economic benefit

The management and payment corresponds to the managing entity or collaborator in the direct payment method. The amount of the benefit will be equivalent to 100% of the regulatory base for work-related accidents or diseases, and with the deduction corresponding to Social Security contributions and personal income tax withholdings.

The duration of the benefit will be the time necessary to protect the worker's and/or the infant's health and it will finish:

  • When the child is 9 months old.
  • Due to the worker returning to work.
  • Due to cancellation of the special scheme of the Social Security Institute.
  • Due to death of the beneficiary or the infant.
  • Termination of work contract (change to situation of unemployment).
  • End of call in permanent seasonal contracts.
  • End of breastfeeding.

The worker should submit a medical report every month indicating that she is still breastfeeding.

How is this benefit processed?