Provision for non-work-related injury or disease

Published on: 29/09/2015

What situation protects this benefit?

The non work-related injury or disease is the situation in which a hard-working person or self-employed worker, because of an accident or non workillness , can not work and receives healthcare by the Public Health System.

We saw to the management of the financial assistance and of the medical discharge, carrying out its follow-up and of its duration, in order to contributing the better deal and recovery to the person injured worker, accompanying her and studying its health condition at all times.

In addition:

  • Customised management and monitoring of the medical processes.
  • Medical and administrative advice and information for the worker.
  • Possibility of processing discharge proposals and disability records.
  • Monitoring the process of common illness until hospital discharge.
  • Reduction in waiting lists of public health services and application of measures to improve and speed up healing processes.
  • Streamlining procedures in the event of disability or initiation of possible permanent disabilities.

Nature of the economic benefit

  • Starting from the 4th day from the date of medical discharge and until the 20th one the hard-working person receives 60% of its Benefits Base.
  • Starting from the 21st day hereinafter receives 75% of its Benefits Base.