Cessation of activity benefit for self-employed workers

Published on: 11/02/2016
Published on: 11/01/2019

It regulates the system specific to protection for self-employed workers, agricultural or of the sea that they have stopped storm or definitively in its economic activity or professional.

What basic conditions have to fulfill to access the provision?

  • Quoted credit at least 12 months immediately prior to the cessation of the activity.
  • Cesar completely in your activity.
  • Not of legal retirement age.
  • Be aware of payment of fees to the Social Security Institute.
  • Be registered in the Public Service of Employment.

In what consists the provision?

  • Monthly financial assistance equal to 70% of the average of 12 latest ones contributions.
  • Training and employee orientation.

When will be able to request to charge the provision?

  • Losses in a complete year higher than 10% of income.
  • Judicial or administrative executions to charge debts, that they are higher than 30% of income of the previous year.
  • Judicial statement of contest that it impedes to continue activity.
  • Force majeure.
  • Loss of administrative licence.
  • Domestic violence.
  • Legal separation or divorce agreement in cases of family assistance in the business.

If are TRADE (economically dependent self-employed worker), when will be able to charge the provision?

  • Ending of the contract.
  • Serious non-compliance by your client.
  • Justified or unjustified rescission by your client.
  • Because of death, disability or retirement of your client.

For how long will I receive the benefit?

  • It depends on the quoted time.
  • In order to be able to have right to this provision the self-employed worker will owe of credit quoted a minimum of between 12 and 17 continuing months and immediately prior to the cessation of the activity.