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Published on: 10/02/2016
Unit of Psychology of Mutua Universal

The importance of mental health for inability to work

Mental disorders are the second temporary cancellation cause and permanent at work , after illnesses osteomusculares. Between the older persons in working age, mental health problems sum so many cancellations and social charges as the rest of physical illnesses meetings.

  • We have a team specific to psocología and psychiatry that, via a system of telemedicine own (Online Clinic), we allow visiting to workers in any of our help centres.
  • There are more than 1,200 psychologist appointments via the Online Clinic every year.
  • We have a wide support network with external psychiatry and psychology centres and professionals.

Our activity in work-related accidents

  • After the accident, we intervene right from the start to minimise the development of stress and anxiety disorders.
  • We apply the most effective psychological treatments to deal with stress disorders, if required.
  • We introduce specific protocols for risk situations that can develop into psychological disorders.

Virtual reality, a technological ally for the rehabilitation

The virtual reality is a valuable ally for the rehabilitation of patients that have suffered some post traumatic disorder after a work-related accident. The cases more usual for the application of this new technique are produced in situations in which the hard-working person shows a serious dread and major difficulties to resume the activity that it was carrying out at the time of the accident. As a result of the exhibition to the phobic stimulus an immediate reply of anxiety is produced that it can cause an enormous malaise in the concerned individual, that it can cause even unataque of panic. 

Mutua Universal presents this new virtual reality service applied to the occupational health. This technology, focused to the psychological evaluation and processing, allows the processing of the disorders of stress post-traumatic caused by work-related accidents that they can interfere at work everyday and quality of life of the people workers.

This technology looks for to improve the effectiveness of the therapy, to speed up the period of rehabilitation and to reduce the work leave period, to achieve a standardisation of the activity and the quality of life of workers.

Between disorders more usual appear: the fear to be driven by professionals of the transportation after suffering a traffic accident or the fear to heights of profesionale of vertical works after a fall, for example. 

Our activity in non work-related accidents or diseases

90% of leave taken is for mild or temporary disorders (anxiety disorders, depression and adaptive to different life circumstances). The presence of factors not health (relatives, economic, social, etc.), that they influence in the temporary disability and frequently cause work problems.

Our objective:

  • Arrange, as soon as possible, of a precisediagnosis, an assessment of the work skills and a forecast of registration.
  • As part of the assessment, to advise, trasmitir knowledge to the/patients so that they mobilise its resources for its own recovery (empowerment).
  • Work for the health. Suffer a mental disorder and be in processing does not incapacitate, in most cases, to develop a work activity.
  • The return to the work activity is always part of the focused processing to the healing.

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