Biomechanics laboratory

Published on: 27/07/2016

In Mutua Universal we have innovative laboratories for the functional assessment in the evaluation of the incapacity to work in processes of pain musculoesquéleticos.

Knows the laboratory of biomechanics of Mutua Universal

What is the biomechanics?

Through instruments of advanced technology are measured with accuracy aspects as the mobility, the force, the resistance or the fatigabilidad, among others, of the harmed bodily region, describing thus the real functional situation in which is found.

When is used?

  • To monitor the functional evolution of the harmed region during the follow-up of the process of restoration.
  • As an objective proof to determine fehacientemente the functional stagnation or recovery of the harmed region.

Disease processes more frequently analysed

  • Cervicalgias, dorsalgias, lower back pains.
  • Pathology subacromial, injuries of the manguito rotador.
  • Instability of the shoulder.
  • Epicondilitis and epitrocleitis.
  • Tendinitis of DeQuervain.
  • Pathology meniscal or ligamentosa of knee.
  • Syndrome femoropatelar, condromalacia rotuliana.
  • Sprain and instability.
  • Talalgias and fasciitis to plant.
  • Fractures of any location.
  • Fibromialgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Vertigo and instability.

Technological equipments

  1. Inertial sensors of the movement 3D: through positioned sensors directly on patient is analysed with accuracy the spaciousness, speed, harmony and repeatability of movements of the joint or bodily region injured.
  2. Dinamometría isometric: instrument that it allows studying in a controlled and sure way the skills of the bodily region harmed to develop activities of force.
  3. Electromyography of area: through positioned electrodes on patient the contractures presence or absence or alterations of the muscular tone is detected. This tool is of special interest in the Sd of the cervical whiplash or in the lower back pain.
  4. Platform baropodométrica: located platform down to the floor, describes the quality of the pressures plant during the bipedestación static and the mobility. It allows estimating the skills of the injured joint tolerate the advancement.
  5. Platform posturográfica of the balance: located platform down to the floor, registers oscillations of the gravity centre throughout a battery of test, detecting, quantifying and monitoring situations of instability if it had them.

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