What is happening to us?
Nos are adapting to an exceptional situation and storm

Published on: 16/03/2020

In a situation of threat and of isolation, to feel bewilderment, fear, sadness and even rage is normal. It is a natural reply of defense that active our organisation that us assistance to respect protective measures and to be cagey. All these emotions, normal, can be ineffective when are lived in a very intense way or recurring and do not help to face the situation, then our body is messed up and it generates an emotional distress that it is not adaptativo.

In crisis situations or emergency the change that is produced, more or less significant, alters our habits and routines. This generates disorientation in our brain, as well as need of recovering the stability and routine as soon as possible.

We can help him organising small daily activities waiting for recovering the normality. This him will allow grasping to the well-known thing, insurance and predecible again.

If we focus the situation with flexibility and considering that we are adapting us, without demanding nor demand us excessively (even using sometimes the sense of humour), will be able to happen of a reaction of defense a state from cooperation that strengthens the self-control. 

For this we have to generate good autocare routines and to take care our social relations since they are our own strengths.