Prevention of the cardiovascular risk in the company

Published on: 14/03/2018

Cardiovascular diseases represent a high risk for the health for affecting to the heart and to the circulatory system, engines of everything the organisation. The age, family history and the gender are risk factors common to all, that we can not control and that they influence in the development of illnesses as the heart attack, the angina pectoris, or brain vascular accidents. To more advanced age, major risk, mostly starting from 45 years. The genetic load increases probabilities and men suffer more coronaries that women, although the mortality is great among women.

According to the World Health Organization, cardiovascular diseases are the first death cause in the developed countries. In Spain is the first death cause due to work-related accident in meeting. 

Control and care

The calculator of cardiovascular risk allows estimating the risk of a coronary event (angina, heart attack with or without symptoms, mortal or not) to 10 years. It is based on epidemiological studies that take into account cardiovascular risk factors, age, sex, tobacco, diabetes, total cholesterol, cholesterol hdl, blood pressure and glycemia. To calculate the risk, it is necessary to have analytical securities that are requested.