Advice on prevention

Published on: 14/01/2016

Consultancy services are provided by technical specialists of Mutua Universal, with expert support in specific areas.

Generic advice on prevention

Generic risk prevention consulting

The main goal is to resolve the enquiries of risk prevention managers in member companies, in order to help them develop their missions.

The advice is an activity that it is carried out to demand of the company, that is, every time that this it requests. The company addresses to the Technician of prevention of the area to request the advice that precise. It can contact by phone or by e-mail. When necessary, the Prevention technician visits the company. 

Some examples of consulting:

  • Applicable standard to a certain topic.
  • Methodology to assess risks.
  • Personal protective equipment.

Consulting for SMEs and self-employed workers

Advice for SMEs and self-employed workers

Technical support to the people responsible for prevention in companies of fewer than 50 workers and for self-employed workers so that they develop preventive activities.

Attention in person and orientation for the use of the applications Prevención10 and Prevención25 (set of elaborate website instruments by the National Institute of Safety and Hygiene at Work with the aim of providing to companies of until 25 workers its risks' evaluation and the application of prevention measures. In addition, a training platform and a specific tool for self-employed workers is provided - Autoprevent).

Consulting is carried out through:

  • Help line.
  • Sending of information.
  • Distribution of publications.
  • Visits to the company and attention in person of the Technician of prevention.
  • Advice for the application of Prevención25 (from 2011).

Advice in Mobility plans

Once the need is detected for an associated company to develop a Mobility plan for its workers (to reduce absenteeism related to transport, to reduce traffic accidents, to fulfill Bonus requirements or other reasons), the Prevention technician arranges a meeting with the company to present the collaboration cmethodology and to obtain previous information.

Then a diagnosis of the situation is made in which the problems are detected. The next step is to hold work meetings with the company to establish the work programme.

Mutua Universal provides the following instruments and services:

  • Mobility guide: document of orientation to the employer to develop a plan of mobility.
  • Advice in mobility plan elaboration.
  • Awareness process: advice to the company on how to announce to the workers of the companies Plan of mobility and to sensitise them so that are integrated and they collaborate in its application.
  • Support materials: collection of posters, brochures and handbooks back-up to the application of Plan of mobility.