Technical guidance seminars

Published on: 07/01/2016

The technical guidance seminars are given by our risk prevention experts. These sessions are mainly targeted at helping companies, sectors with high accident rates and self-employed workers in prevention plans for dissemination, education and awareness of the prevention of work-related accidents and diseases.

To promote education in health and safety matters, the intercompany seminars and workshops are set up in two different ways:

  • Face-to-face format.
  • Via the webex (online) multi-company training platform, which lets you connect directly from your workstation on the day and time of the seminar, with different companies taking part.

Available meeting are:

  • Practical applications of psychosociology in companies
  • AVISPRE. Programme for self-assessment of prevention in the company
  • How to prepare a work inspection for occupational risk prevention
  • Coordinación de actividades empresariales
  • Costs of the accident rate in the company
  • Work stress as a pyschosocial risk
  • Psychosocial assessment: work methods
  • Comprehensive management of occupational risk prevention
  • Healthy habits
  • Effective dialogue with the external risk prevention service. A step towards business improvement
  • Researching accidents (for labour consultants)
  • The 10 principles for the design of work stations
  • New tagging of chemicals (CLP)
  • Organising and planning health and safety campaigns
  • Mobility plans: method and implementation
  • Prevention of musculoskeletal injuries
  • Preventing and putting out fires
  • Responsibilities of middle management in prevention
  • Pyschosocial risks in the workplace: Time management
  • Machine safety


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