Technical guidance seminars

Published on: 07/01/2016

In our commitment for improving continuously the quality and effectiveness of the preventive actions that offer to our associated companies and to the hard-working people associated, Mutua Universal at your disposal puts the scheduling of orientation meeting technique trusting in which the same one is of your interest. We expect to help to the professionals in time to day and to promote the knowledge and the culture in health and safety between different communities (management, commands, responsible for prevention, worker and staff representatives general).

The content of the sessions tackles following subject matters:

    • Ergonomics.
    • Industrial hygiene.
    • Psychosociology.
    • Management of the prevention.
    • Health promotion.
    • Security at work.


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Published on: 13/10/2021

These meeting are directed exclusively to associated companies and people self-employed workers associated with Mutua Universal.  

Currently meeting are made in online type. In the detail of each meeting will find the registration form to request the assistance to the same one. 

It does not doubt in contacting with the Technician of Prevention of its Area to expand information.