Prevention of the occupational diseases

Published on: 19/10/2022

Prevention of Occupational diseasesThe occupational disease is a damage to the health that is produced as a result of the work because of the exhibition to risk factors as repetitive movements, the noise or chemicals.  

The management of the prevention in the company avoids that they appear occupational diseases and it allows that the detection of a case and its research improves working conditions, as it is represented in our infographic.

The legal concept of occupational disease it find in the Royal Decree 1299/2006: “the contracted as a result of the executed work as an employee in the activities that are specified in the chart that is approved for the provisions of application and development of this law, and that is provoked for the stock of the elements or substances that in the above-mentioned chart are indicated for every occupational disease.”

Those illnesses that are not found included within the chart showing occupational diseases and the hard-working person contracts exclusively on the occasion of the performance of its work, or anyone who already suffers and are seen aggravated, will have the consideration of work-related injury and will be denominated: illnesses related to the work.

Occupational diseases are communicated via the application CEPROSS (Communication of Occupational Diseases in the Social Security Institute). Furthermore, the illnesses related to the work are registered in PANOTRATSS (Communication of pathologies not traumatic caused by the work).

According to information given by the Observatory of the occupational contingencies of the Social Security Institute , in Spain during the year 2021 a total of 24,944 were produced illnesses caused by the work, 20,381 dossiers of occupational diseases and 4,563 dossiers of non traumatic pathologies caused or aggravated by the work.