Electromagnetic fields (CEM)

Published on: 25/02/2019

Many of the activities carried out in modern workplaces give rise to electromagnetic fields (CEM): computers, mobile phones, tablets... And not only in branches, also in manufacturing processes, weldings, research, communications, medical equipments, electricity grids, etc.

The risks to workers may result from both direct effects of the field on the body, and indirect effects, which result from the presence of objects in the field. Direct effects can be not thermal or thermal.

Nevertheless, in the majority of workplaces, the levels of exposure are very low and will not give rise to risks to workers. However, the exhibitions above limit values of exhibition (VLE) can cause:

  • In the case of the low frequency electromagnetic fields: effects in the nervous fabrics and muscles.
  • In the case of the high frequency electromagnetic fields: warming of the fabrics.