What profits has the intelligent and sustainable mobility?

Published on: 12/09/2016

Being aware of that the profit more relevant is the reduction of the accident rate, also it is necessary to take into account economic profits for the worker and for the company, the energetic saving, as well as the decrease of the issuances of CO2.

A Belgian study manager by the regional government of Brussels some years ago concluded that the citizen from Brussels middle that substitutes its car for a bike can save 2,853 euros a year. These conclusions include costs as those of maintenance, taxes and the fuel but they exclude the purchase price of the vehicle. That, without telling waste of times that suppose traffic jams (Belgians lost 51 annual hours in traffic jams in 2014 and until 96 hours the drivers Londoners). 

Besides the particular cost of each user it would be necessary to calculate costs for the company, as the habilitation of a space for parking lot, the conditioning of the accesses and the maintenance of all of this. 

Finally are the “social costs”, that is the energetic cost and issuances of CO2 that involve the use of the vehicles that they circulate because of work, so much in the displacements of the workers as in that one of the vehicles of company.

For that matter is complex to calculate with precision all of this because involves to include many variables that depend on the type of vehicle, of ways of communication, of the climate, etc. But you can do approaches to have an idea of all of this.

It wants approximately calculate costs that you can derive of the use of private cars because of work?

2. Cost for the company

Starting from the different expenditure variables that a vehicle involves you will be able to do a calculation estimated of the overall cost. These are basic concepts although you would be able to add more:

Expenditure of fuel for vehicle use for the work


Insurance of the vehicle (proportional part according to km for work)


Reviews maintenance (proportional part according to km for work)


Other expenses of the vehicle

Published on: 13/09/2016

2. Cost for the company

DescriptionUnitTotal cost (€)
Repayment of the fields dedicated to parking lot and entrance ramps for vehicles
Annual amortisation of facilities for those areas
Maintenance of all of this
Total (€):  

3. Energy consumption (Kwh annual) and CO2 emissions

 Kg CO2/lit
 Kg CO2/year