Advice, consultancy and awareness

Published on: 14/12/2015

Offer set of stop services added value designed for solving the doubts of professionals with responsibilities of prevention in the company.

Published on: 12/01/2022

Advice on prevention

The risk prevention advice service is intended for in-house/joint risk prevention service staff and designated workers to answer questions that arise over the course of undertaking and managing their risk prevention activities:

  • Preparation and implementation of prevention plans and programmes.
  • Identification of training needs of the people workers.
  • Investigation of work-related accidents and occupational diseases.
  • Emergency actions.
  • Risk assessment.
Published on: 14/01/2016

Risk prevention consultancy

The consultancy is an activity of advice and technical support high-value add-on directed to the technical staff of prevention as well as to the staff of ingenieria and technical responsible staff or company doctor, with regard to aspects of prevention that have a high complexity technique.

The safety consultancy services specialise in:

  • Ergonomics.
  • Chemical safety.
  • Psychosociology.
  • Occupational health and health promotion.
Published on: 14/01/2016

Awareness activities

Activities of sensitisation with regard to the prevention have as an objective to achieve a suitable degree of awareness when dealing with related risks, to introduce a preventive culture and to complement the technical stock that they are carried out in different work positions.

Activities of sensitisation in prevencíon are classified in: campaigns, informative speeches in the companies, programmes of generation of good work experience programs and Circuit Universal (willing activity circuit according to a route of progressive topics on healthy habits).