Social work

Published on: 11/11/2015

The social work service gives information, orientation, advice and support specialised in all the supervened needs in the family, social, work or economic of the worker.

Social workers in Mutua Universal are comprehensive in the welfare teams, with the aim of:

  • Guarantee the all-inclusive attention to the health and the boarding of the social problems together with the biomedical and psychological ones.
  • Contribute alternatives or solutions to difficulties/social problems that they emerge after the accident/illness.
  • Avoid the possible social-family imbalances that are produced as a result of the loss of health.

We have a programme of reintegration in the social aspects of work that it has as an objective to promote, insofar as the situation allows it, the return to the labour world of those workers that after suffering a professional work-related injury or illness, have been affections of degree of disability that they prevent returning to carry out its work activity or they have lost its employment during the retrieval process and are found in risk situation of social exclusion.

Montserrat Fernández, coordinating committee of Social Work in Mutua Universal

Work-related Injury

  • Psycho-social support to the injured party and to its family environment.
  • Management with hospitalized patients: visits, coordination, planning of the hospitable…registration
  • Programme of Reintegration In the social aspects of work for disabled workers or in risk situation of social exclusion.
  • Coordination with other specialised services (Institut Guttmann, public health Centres, Associations…)
  • Home aid service management for patients that present limitations for the performance of all or some core activities of the daily life.
  • Psychological support management for deceased worker' relatives or with grave prognosis.
  • Aids advice and procedure to improve the quality of life: Adjustment property, adjustment vehicle, technical assistance material or ortoprosthetic material.
  • Grants assessment and procedure before situations of need in the family unit of the injured worker.
  • Assessment and procedure of other aids according to detected needs.
  • Information on resources and provisions of Mutua Universal (procedures and formalities).
  • Information/Orientation on other available resources (public and private).

Non-occupational disease

Advice and information:

    • Permanent disability.
    • Non-contributory pensions
    • Application Disability and its profits
    • Application of Aids (State, Autonomous and Local)
    • Work Reintegration: career advice for disabled persons and workers at risk from social exclusion.