Complementary provisions of Social Benefit

Published on: 23/05/2017

Social Benefits come regulated currently by the Royal Decree 453/2022, of 14 June, through which the determination of the responsible for fact and economic effects of the retirement pension is regulated in its contributory type and of the financial assistance of deposit poverty line, and various regulations are modified of the Social Security System that they regulate different fields of the management.

In its Final provision article 1 se it modifies the Regulations on collaboration of the Social Security Mutual Societies for Work-related Injuries and Occupational Diseases, approved by the Royal Decree 1993/1995, of 7 December.

Such as is indicated in the new redacted of the section 1 of the Article 67: “The social welfare consists of economic services and assistance that they are granted with facultative character, both in his examination and in his amount, in view of special specific states and situations of need that are considered precise, being clearly different from statutory provisions.”

The Royal Decree adds a new article, the 67 bis, in which the catalogue of the Mutual Societies' social benefits is specified Collaborators with the Social Security Institute and access payees and requirements are established

Special Benefits Committee

The Special Benefits Committee (CPE) is the competent body for the granting of the special benefits or social benefits.

Formed by representatives of the workers, designated by the federations of trade unions and by representatives of associated businessmen and self-employed workers, manages the Booking of Social Welfare of Mutua Universal.

Its function it is to study and to attend situations of special need supervened that you can produce after a professional work-related injury or illness, through concrete actions aimed at to improve the protection of hard-working people and/or its rightful claimants.

All presented applications before the Special Benefits Committee are considered previously by the team of health social work, being able to request all complementary documentation that justifies the situation of special need.

Published on: 23/05/2017

Complementary provisions of social benefit

Complementary provisions of social benefit



How to request a complementary provision of social benefit?