Obligations of the companies: what must do?

Published on: 07/09/2023

The Royal Decree 1029/2022 establishes which are companies that can be exposed to the radon and which are obligations that they must follow.

Companies that by activity can be exposed to radon must know the exposure level in its work centres carrying out measurements of radon on the air.

Starting from June 2024 those others that can be exposed to radon for its location also will have the obligation of carrying out measurements to know the exhibition to radon of its workplaces placed at low plant slope or ground floor of municipal districts of priority activity.

The exhibition to radon owes be managed as a risk more in the position of work. The radon owes be identified in the risk assessment and if the reference level is exceeded of 300 Bq/m3, they are owed to plan and to adopt measures to reduce the exhibition, in accordance with the beginning of optimisation.

A first effective measure it is to ventilate the space to reduce the presence of the radon gas. Additionally will be owed to revise the building to implement solutions in the improvement of its isolation as the sealed one of frameworks and fissures and, according to obtained levels, to waterproof characters and/or to reduce the presence of radon in the field through systems of despresurización of the field or with spaces of containment.