Conditions of use Videoidentification

Published on: 27/07/2023


- That authorise expressly to Mutual Society Universal-Mugenat, MCSS Number. 10 (hereinafter Mutua Universal) to the recording integrates of the video through remote identification and for the takeover of photographs or captures of screen of the applicant of the same and of the identity document used in the identification.

- That I am informed that in the process of recording of the video my biometric identification details are collected.

- That authorise expressly the processing of the process's video, my biometric details' processing of facial examination, the processing of the personal details that they appear in the Form and the processing of the copies of my identifying document (obverse and reverse), included my photography with the aim down indicated.

- I am learnt more about that it exists the alternative of identifying presencialmente in a help centre of the centre network of Mutua Universal.

- The legitimation of the processing of Mutua Universal with regard to details that provide and that they appear in the Form, the copies of its identifying document (obverse and reverse), included its photography and its biometric details of facial examination is derived of the awarded consent and of fill the of a legal obligation.

- That Mutua Universal will keep during a five-year period from the last membership date following components:

✓ Acceptance of the conditions

✓ Copy of the recording of the video.

✓ Photos or captures of the screen of the Applicant and of the identity document used in those which will be clearly recognizable both the person and the obverse and reverse of the identity document.

✓ The details extracted from the document of identification

✓ Mobile and email phone number.

✓ Results of the system's automatic check

In accordance with the article 12.7 of the Order of Remote Identification the conservation will be made through blockade of details.

You have right to be accessed, to rectify and/or to suppress details, as well as other rights, as is explained in the available further information in our Political website Mutua Universal Privacy