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Published on: 09/03/2018
Published on: 27/06/2018

Participate in the tenders published by Mutua Universal

Contracting companies wishing to participate in tendering processes published by Mutua Universal on the Public Sector Procurement Platform must have a digital certificate and be registered in the Procurement Portal

Published on: 09/03/2018
Published on: 12/03/2018

On 15 January 2015, Act 25/2013 (BOE 28/12/2013) entered into force regulating the obligation of electronic invoicing to the Public Sector. Suppliers that meet the requirements in the aforementioned Act are obliged to present e-invoices in the Accounting Register of Invoices of the Public Sector when they individually exceed the amount of €5000. The stipulated limit is compulsory, that is, companies will also be able to send e-invoices lower than that limit.

From will be able to send and to consult its invoices' state and also to download a free computer program that offers the Ministry of Industry to generate electronic bills in case it does not have one.

If it wishes obtain more information on the obligation of Electronic Billing to the Public Sector consults and specifically, if it wishes to obtain but information on their management in Mutua Universal it accesses the following document: