Notice to suppliers

Published on: 08/02/2022

Please be advised that fraudulent emails have been sent by a third party, with the intention of impersonating Mutua Universal or one of its employees, using domains similar to: @ seccioncontratacion.live 

The email you may have received from this domain or others, may make reference to your file number and subject of the contract to which you are adhered, and requests you to send "in pdf format, the invoice(s) related to your contract, for review to identify any errors".

Please be informed that these emails have not been sent by Mutua Universal and are a scam. If you have any suspicions about the type or origin of these emails, never answer them or open any attached files, or click on any links they may contain, and contact your security or IT department immediately. 

If you have interacted in any way with the contents of the email and have sent the requested documentation, please inform Mutua Universal through this e-mail address.