Xavier Martínez Serra

Graduate in Address of Marketing in EADA, and Master's degree in Address and Business administration in IAD. 

Currently is Chairman of TQ Tecnol, S.A. and of Overall Fruselva Invest Etve, S.L. 

It emphasises in its professional career the business activity with the creation in 1997 of the company TQ Tecnol, S.A. dedicated to the manufacture of technical products professionals, and subsequently, the creation in 2004 of the holding company SERVEIS I ADMINISTRACIONS MASERGRUP, S.L., which includes currently Societies TQ TECNOL, S.A., SETIER, S.A. And VERMOUTHS WATCHED, S.A.; among others. 

In 2007 acquired the productive plant of fruit juices PAYMENT Fruschsäft, S.L. transforming her in FRUSELVA, dedicated to the co-manufacturing of nutritional foodstuffs and specialising in the quality child diet Premium. 

In 2021 a segregation is made in FRUSELVA in which MASERGRUP withholds the brand and the exclusivity on the market American, with factories in Chile and Colombia. The new denomination for the international market is Overall Fruselva Invest Etve, S.L.