How to prevent the skin cancer

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Published on: 26/04/2018

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The cancer can have a wide variety of demonstrations, that is, the person can present different signs and symptoms. Demonstrations of the cancer in the phases more initial often are inespecíficas and petite are present in other benign illnesses; therefore, is significant to remember that to have them does not be intended for necessarily to have a cancer. There are cases of cancers with no demonstration, for example when the tumour is very small; for this reason they are very useful campaigns of early detection of the cancer.

Risk factors
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  • Skin colour: The skin cancer is more common in people of skin, eyes and hair clear.
  • Have many common moles: more than 50 moles.
  • Genetics: The fact of having family history of melanoma (a cancer type of skin) increases the risk of developing skin cancer.

  • Sunscalds in the childhood: Sunscalds that are produced when is been small increase the cancer risk of skin years later.
  • The excessive exhibition in the sun, so much if it produces burns or as though not: People that they work they present more incidence in the exterior. They are especially susceptible people of white breed, redheads or blondes and with clear eyes.
  • Lamps or booths overexposure bronceadoras.

How demonstrates

Demonstrations of the system of fabrics, skin and mucosae

  • Tightening in sucks it or in some somewhere else of the body. Some cancers can be palpated via the skin. A tightening it can be a sign of cancer in the skin. The majority of the lumps or nodules usually are benign demonstrations, but in all cases is owed to reject the existence of a malignant injury.
  • Change in a verruca or mole (colour, size, way or definition of edges).