How to improve the activity of the dream?

Published on: 03/05/2019

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Have dinner moderately

The to turn in with the sensation of the relaxed stomach after credit had dinner copiosamente can cause difficulties to reconcile the dream. In addition, a copious dinner favours the appearance of ebb gastroesofágico, that it causes ardor or heartburn. On the other hand, the feeling of hunger produces interest, which is why neither assistance to the relaxation, so significant to induce the dream. A moderate dinner and to delay one or two hours the moment of turning in are measured advisable to provide the sleep induction.  

Avoid exciting drinks

Are owed to avoid exciting drinks, as the tea, the coffee or sodas with caffeine and the cocoa, few hours before sleeping. These drinks contain methylxanthines, that they are exhilarating of the central nervous system, in such a way that they generate excitement psicomotriz. It is recommendable to drink a hot glass of milk, since it contains triptófano; some studies maintain that this substance, that it is an essential amino acid, promotes the relaxation. Additionally certain infusions, as the lime tea or the valerian, have a sedative effect that promotes the relaxation.

Place in a relaxed posture

Usually people sideways sleep. There are people that you usually sleep face up (supine position) or face downward (prone position). These postures are learnt in the childhood and, once built in, allow relaxing and to induce the dream easily. Under normal circumstances, the person looks for the posture with which chest of drawers is found and relaxed; however, the loss of physical autonomy can hinder its relaxation. The keepers of these people have to ensure them a correct bodily alignment that it maintains them in an anatomically correct posture to avoid the pain arising from muscular contractures. 

Surround of a reliable environment

A well-known environment, that it gives physical and psychological security, provides the relaxation. Especially children need to surround or to have significant objects fence that give them security and a certain control on the environment. Adults do not usually need so much to surround of significant objects, but yes to carry out certain previous habits at once of turning in and, sometimes, to have elements that allow them more feel comfortable, pillowy certain or type of mattress. When the person has autonomy, usually uses the environment adapting it to its tastes; however, when it has a limitation can need of other to achieve it.

Because of this, for people not self-employed workers, to adapt the environment to its preferences and tastes as far as possible contributes to a good quality of the dream.

The comfort also is related to the body temperature. Some researches indicate that to reach a nice body temperature in a passive way, that is, produced through contacts with objects that transfer heat (hot water bags, electric blanket, etc.), increases the deep sleep (phase IV), which is especially recommended in the older people (Montgomery, 2002).  

Sleep good and to rest assistance to improve the physical activity and intellectual

A person that it does not sleep satisfactorily undisguised tiredness, mistakes in the conscience, cognitive depreciation, decrease of the perception of sound and visual stimuli, and decrease of the motor activity (Czeisler, 2002). Because of this, it is alerted that a quality of loss-making dream and, therefore, a decrease from the reply to the stimuli has impact in the academic achievement and work, and it increases the risk of accidents. Establish regular hours and to dedicate spaces during on the day to the break or the nap will help to improve the physical yield and the emotional equilibrium. Some studies estimate that “to throw a nap” of 10 minutes increases the work yield 15%. 

Dose the degree of activity

Although it seems that is needed of activity during the vigil to reach a level of tiredness that promotes the break and the relaxation, this degree of activity should not exceed until the point of that it maintains excited to the person and it does not allow him to disconnect physics and mentally.

Therefore, if the energy is dosed and the way is improved of facing emotions, the relaxation will be provided and the sleep induction will be improved, that it will be more refreshing.  

Respect schedules that brand the body clock

Social family responsibilities and demands compel, almost always, to prioritise other activities with respect to the to sleep, and they take to many people to have non regular schedules that interfere the rhythm of turning in and to get up, which affects consequently to the quality of the dream. A takeover of conscience of the importance of the body clock will contribute to sleep good, and it will have repercussions in a good physical yield and intellectual and to the emotional equilibrium.