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Published on: 28/10/2019

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The chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (EPOC) is a situation in which bronchi are obstructed, are destroyed the alvéolos and, as a result, the lung is unable to satisfy completely needs of oxygen and of deleting the carbon dioxide of the organisation. At the start of the illness, this disability demonstrates when the person must carry out activities that entail an overload of work, as to go up some staircases, and in more advanced stadiums also demonstrates in situation of repose.

The Spanish Guide of the Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (GesEPOC) defines the EPOC as a chronic respiratory disease characterised by a chronic limitation of the air flow that it is not completely reversible. This limitation of the air flow is usually to state in the shape of shortness of breath —sensación of throat irritation, ahogo— and, usually, is progressive. In addition, is associated to an inflammatory abnormal reply from the lungs to the presence of harmful and gases particles, derived mainly from the tobacco smoke, that, also, can produce other symptoms as chronic cough, accompanied or not of expectoration. The EPOC is characterised also for exacerbations and comorbilidades frequent, as the heart ischaemic heart disease or insufficiency, that they can increase the gravity of the situation of health in some people.

What have to avoid?

  • Modifiable and checkable factors (the person can them to suppress or to control, to reduce risks)
    • Tobacco use
    • Exposure at work to harmful particles and gases
    • Exhibition to the smoke of the firewood or of the coal
    • Passive cigarette smoking
  • The boy's repeated respiratory infections or of the adult in early ages (during the youth) and socioeconomic factors (there is more prevalence of smokers in the socioeconomic classes snider).

One EPOC in very advanced stadiums can do not recommendable a trip for the limitation of the physical activity. But if the situation of health is stabilised, the concerned individual can travel taking into account some precautions.

The mayhem of a trip can suppose a physical stress and psychological that it can worsen the situation of health. It is significant to plan the trip in good time and to consult specific needs to the team of health: medication, activity before a decompensation, medical reports, etc. In addition, they are owed to follow a series of recommendations when travel.

If the person needs oxygen out of the regular residence, the neumólogo him will help to do procedures needed with the company of oxygen supply to achieve it. In addition, the person also should get in touch with the supplying company and with the destination point (the hotel, the apartment, etc.) to coordinate the arrival and the dropped out of the device of static oxygen, that it should be equal or similar to that which is used usually.

If oxygen is needed during the displacement in car, train, bus or ship, the person will be able to run away with its team of portable oxygen and to have the precaution of putting the device in upright position. If the trip is in plane, the airline company will supply the oxygen; therefore, it will be necessary to get in touch with the airline to plan the supply during the flight.

Finally, one should keep in mind the fact that is not recommended to travel to places with extreme temperatures (cold or hot) nor in places with a height higher than 1,500 metres on the sea level, since it can increase the sensation of lack of air for the decrease of the oxygen in blood.

Advice of health to travel if a chronic health problem is had